Consequences of Depression

Mental health issues can lead to all sorts of secondary consequences in life, and these events can often be devastating. The depression itself can then worsen and lead to other consequences. It’s a vicious circle, which is often caused, at least in part, by illness.

When someone is feeling down, it can have various secondary effects on their mood. For instance, people can get more irritable and short tempered than usual, suffer from low self esteem, be low in confidence and so on, and this can then lead on to other things. Here are some specific negative things that can occur as a result of poor mental health.


Interpersonal Relationships

Relationship issues are often a major concern, be it marital problems with a spouse, or difficulties with other family members, such as with children, parents or siblings.

The number of divorces in today’s world is frightening. In the US, around 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Moreover, there are then other consequences for those involved. Repercussions can be wide and far-ranging, for both partners as well as for any children involved. Family breakup is one of the most damaging aspects of today’s society, and poor mental health often plays a vital role.



Suicide is on the rise worldwide. This world can be such a difficult place to live in, but it’s harder for some than for others. With all the increased stress factors in the modern world, there are more and more people resorting to taking their own lives. We cannot allow those with problems to feel that they have no other choice. There is usually a solution, but we need to help sufferers find it.

If you have an illness, you have an illness. There should absolutely be no shame in this, as you cannot help it. There is so much stress in today’s world, and many people are struggling to cope. If you are, you must seek immediate help.



Those suffering with depression are often low in confidence and worry a lot. This can lead to poor decision making skills, a lack of motivation to accomplish, create and achieve in life. Sufferers often find it very hard to even get up each day and do household chores, never mind accomplishing much else. Consequently, this can obviously have financial repercussions, as sufferers often under achieve work-wise or may even become homeless in some cases. Depression can be an extremely expensive disease.


Physical Health

Lastly, our physical health can be affected by psychological issues. Weight gain or loss is common. Sufferers often comfort eat to help them feel better, or don’t have much of an appetite at all. This is extremely common, and I know all about it from personal experience. Weight variations can obviously then cause other health issues.

Psychological problems can lead to, or at least worsen existing, physical illnesses. Numerous studies have shown this. Although we do not completely understand the processes involved yet, there is plenty of evidence to backup this statement. Our mental health is so very important to almost every aspect of our well being.


Get Help!

If people could only learn to recognise mental health issues at an early stage, treatment could be provided, and many of these consequences could possibly be avoided. It’s vital to recognise problems and get help before its too late.