Is the Universe a Friendly Place?

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Is the Universe a Friendly Place?

Einstein once said that the most important question you can ever ask yourself is if the universe is a friendly place?

What did he mean by such a statement? Well, the thing is, the universe plays a huge role in how our lives turn out. In some ways, this is obvious, but in others not so much.

To start off with, if we hate ourselves and the world we produce more negative energy. Our soul vibration goes down. And it will negatively impact our future karma. We will become worse people, which sets back the spiritual development of our souls, and also makes it more likely that we will do bad things in future, as bad people do bad stuff! 

It’s not good for us to be hateful. If we are hateful, then we will also attract disease and illness. It’s been proven that biological entities respond physically to the amount of love that they are shown in either a positive or negative way. Plants, animals, water and humans, to name just a few examples, change their biological make up when they are shown love or spoken to kindly. We do much better when we are shown lots of love. Emotional issues manifest as physical illness. Even if it’s not in this lifetime, if we have emotional problems, then they will one day come back to haunt us. We need therefore, even if it’s just for our own good, to become nice human beings. 

Additionally, what we give out, we get back. This is the Law of Attraction in effect. If we are kind, friendly and nice, this is what we will get back. If we ask the universe for something, in the correct way, then we will get what we want. If we love the universe, then the universe will love us back, and in time, reward us.

With regard to social anxiety, how friendly we believe the universe to be, as well as other people of course, is vital for how easy it is for us to socialise with others. If we believe the universe and other people are against us, and it’s a hostile place, then we naturally be fearful of everything. Our lives will be more difficult, as we’ll be more hostile towards everything else, and we will attract negative energy back.

There are so many reasons we need to be friendly to the universe, and feel that we are loved by it. If we’re nice to the world (and beyond), we’ll feel better and have a much better future!

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