Reality isn’t really Real

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Reality isn’t really Real

I used to hate. I’ve experienced a lot of bullying in my life. I’ve been humiliated many times and, over the years, I developed a great fear of social situations. Due to the way things have gone, I had a massive fear of other people.

In work situations, I was mostly a complete loner. For instance, when I was working as an English teacher in Japan, twenty years ago. At lunchtimes, I would always go off on my own, whereas the other teachers would socialize together. It was just my mentality. I longed to be on my own as much as possible.

I had an innate fear of people. This is what is known as social anxiety. But I’ve always been extreme. The most extreme of sufferers.

Stress, anxiety and worry have been an almost constant friend as well. I’m a worrywart, and my bad temper has often been an issue. These are my emotional problems, and they have plagued me since I was a child. They were so bad that i just had to find a solution. I began searching for an answer. I thought, there must be a way to stop this mental hell. Other people are far more balanced and don’t suffer anyway near as much as me.

I knew that there are reasons why I get worried and mad. People treat me horribly, due to my odour problems, you see. The bullying ruined my life. But even so, I had real emotional difficulties, and they needed sorting out.

So, for the last few years I have started learning about spirituality. It’s become an overriding interest of mine, an obsession if you like, in order to cure myself and make myself a better person. I’ve learnt that all our problems come from our own mind, and our false perceptions of the world and reality.

Learning about these kinds of things has helped me enormously. I have learnt that I was wrong. It’s so easy to get annoyed and upset when people are mean or cruel to you. This is understandable, of course. However, I have learnt that we can become much happier and develop great relationships with people, even if we have had many bad experiences in the past. You see, if we change our attitude, we change everything. It’s all in our own mind. 

If we go into encounters fearing the worst, lacking in confidence and carrying a negative kind of attitude, then the other people will pick up on this and maybe take advantage of you.

Spiritual teachers have taught me that you can be happy no matter what happens to you in life. When we’re depressed, anxious, lonely or angry, a lot of what we are feeling is simply wrong. The opinions that we are so sure are completely correct are not in fact. Our worries, fears  and problems are not really real. They just appear to be so.

It’s all an illusion. They are only relatively real. That means that they appear real to us, but only because of our perception of them. They are not absolutely real, that is real in absolute terms.

It is only a bunch of energy. Our problems really aren’t our problems. We’re all one in the universe. Everything is one. So there is no real reason to worry or get angry about anything. Our issues are not, in absolute terms, real. They just appear real, but they really aren’t. So let’s stop stressing. Lets be happy, and be at one with the universe!

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