You can Manifest what you want!

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You can Manifest what you want!

You can manifest things. Create things by using our thoughts. You really can.
It’s just knowing how to do it, that’s the tricky part. Everything is energy, and so it’s a matter of using universal energy to help you.

As spiritual beings we possess a lot more power than we think we do. If we learn a bit about how to harness this power we can do astonishing things. One of these things is the ability to manifest anything we want.

Most of us have no idea that people can do such an incredible thing. These abilities have been kept from us over the years, by the powers-that-be, especially by the Church and other authorities, and we have been strongly discouraged from using our psychic abilities. It’s a control mechanism.

Manifesting is all about using consciousness in a way that is beneficial to us. Consciousness can eventually develop into matter. That is why employing certain consciousness techniques can result in us gaining in material ways, such as with money. We just have to learn how to do it, and then do it correctly, which is the tricky part.

People are always saying negative things, like I’m never going to have any money etc. But what they don’t realize is that these negative words emotions will inevitably make this come true. Words are spells, so be very careful what you say.

We create our own future by what we repeatedly feel and say. If you want to know how you’ve been manifesting, because we have all been doing it all of our lives, whether we realize it or not, then just look at your bank balance or other areas of your life. If you want a better future, then it’s a great idea to start manifesting in a way which will help us. It will change your life.

So what’s involved then? How do we manifest a better future for ourselves and even manifest specific things that we would love to have? Well, we can use words and phrases daily such as “I am rich”, “I am healthy” “I have am happy”, “I have a yacht” and so on. I say these to myself every single day. Imagine yourself frequently as being how to want to be (i.e. rich), or having a yacht. Put yourself in that consciousness as much as you can, and that will eventually become your reality. Just keep at it.

It can takes months or years to manifest things. Don’t forget, we’ve probably been saying and feeling the wrong things for decades, so it can take a while to change our realities. I think of it like turning around a big juggernaut. But once we start the process, and never give up, we are creating a much better future for ourselves. Just keep the faith and persist.

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